In Sept. 1995 three rEAL Eastern Pilots chipped in twenty dollars each to purchase stamps and envelopes. The purpose was to send a letter of inquiry to as many former Eastern Pilots as possible in an effort to determine if there was enough interest to consider forming a group that had not crossed the IAM picket line in 1989-90.

Eastern Airlines 727The initial mailing was on September 9, 1996. The response was overwhelming and by January of 1996 more than two hundred pilots had responded and they had over ten thousand dollars in voluntary contributions. Since none of them had ever organized an association before, they hardly knew where to start or in what direction to go. Fortunately, the growing membership was understanding, forgiving, and very helpful.

Untold numbers volunteered time, effort, and advice (LOTS of advice!) and The Silver Falcons rapidly evolved. We gleefully plagiarized and modified the by-laws of The F-86 Pilot’s Association figuring that being fighter pilots they must have gotten it right. At our annual business meeting in 1997 the By-Laws were amended to welcome our Eastern Flight Attendants as members since they had participated in the battle, shared our commitment, and had earned our undying respect and gratitude.

Eastern Airlines Captain WingsWe currently have over five hundred members including flight attendants. Our newsletter has evolved into a professional publication. Our web site is amazing and is dedicated to all aviators and designed to please crew members from any airline. We have had many extremely successful conventions in a variety of cities across the nation hosted by a variety of talented and dedicated volunteers and anticipate many more in the future.

Membership in The Silver Falcons is restricted to those Eastern Airlines Pilots and Flight Attendants that walked and did not cross the picket line during the work stoppage of 1989-90 as well as those former, retired, and resigned Eastern Crewmembers that supported them.


Eastern Airlines Captain EddieOur purpose is to provide a forum for our members to renew old friendships, establish new ones, and to be able to meet and know that everyone present is a friend deserving of our trust and respect. We are not a militant group and concentrate upon the pleasures of today, not upon the horrors of the past.

Nevertheless our memories and shared experiences make us a very unique and close group. If you meet the qualifications for membership and would like to be a Silver Falcon simply download, print, and fill out one of our applications, enclose a check for the appropriate amount, and send it to us. The address is on the application.

Your application will be reviewed by the Board Of Directors and, upon approval, a membership card will be issued. We publish four newsletters a year, have an E-Mail network of more than three hundred fifty people, maintain a website, and have an annual business meeting/convention which gives us an excuse for a huge party!